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Authentic Gourmet Finger Foods of Holland

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Where it all started...


The Dutch Frites concept burgeoned out of a need they saw was lacking in the North American food industry. Putting a twist on traditional North American finger foods, they hope this collaboration will expose Canada’s diversified market to the delectable but highly underrepresented treats Holland has to offer.  They take pride in being able to share and expand the customer base for Dutch food, aiming to provide a unique experience not seen in Canada that will pave the way for the next generation of finger foods.  


Fernando was born and raised in Amsterdam.  He was exposed to the restaurant industry at a young age, having worked in his parents’ restaurants until the age of 15 when he immigrated to Canada.  Constantly surrounded by the Dutch food tradition in his childhood, he longed for it after moving to Canada and was driven to establishing his own snack bar ever since.  

Fernando graduated from University with a Chemistry degree, but found his calling elsewhere. He established two separate businesses, which gained early success, but still felt a void in his career.  After many years of searching, he finally found what was missing, having to travel back to Amsterdam to realize his longing for the comfort foods of his childhood.  He noticed that there was no recognized vendor of Dutch food in Canada and found that travelling to Holland just to get some authentic Dutch snacks was unacceptable.  And so evolved the Dutch Frites concept. 

Fernando's dream was about to come true to achieve his snack bar vision while not compromising on the authenticity or quality of the food.

Dutch Frites is ready to introduce the Dutch appetite and translate their superb culinary experience to their community and fellow Canadians.